Direct Cremation Funeral £795*

Our Direct Cremation Package is suitable for families who do not wish to attend or hold a funeral service and instead hold a non-attendance cremation with the option of the ashes being returned or scattered.
Services included:

  • Our Professional Fees for arranging a Direct Cremation including completion of all necessary paperwork
  • Conveyance and Care of the Deceased from place of death into our Funeral Home
  • Provision of a Basic Direct Cremation Coffin
  • Conveyance of the Coffin to the Crematorium by Private Ambulance
  • Collection or Scattering of the Ashes following the Cremation

*When looking at the cost of a funeral it is usually broken down into Funeral Director Fees plus Third Party Fees (disbursements). Weekend services are available, but could incur additional costs.

Estimated Third Party Pricing for a Direct Cremation Funeral:

  • £164 – Doctor’s paperwork (not applicable if a coroner is involved)