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If you intend to repatriate a deceased loved one from abroad, we will initially need an original death certificate and passport copy. These documents are crucial for initiating the necessary procedures to transport the body outside the UK and to prepare them in our chapel of rest. Depending on the circumstances, we may need to coordinate with an Embassy or Consulate to secure additional documentation.

Subsequently, we’ll appropriately prepare the deceased for travel, which may involve embalming and dressing in attire provided by you or a tasteful gown from our facilities. As the repatriation date approaches, we’ll collaborate with you to finalize flight schedules and any special requests, such as religious services or viewing arrangements.

It’s essential to furnish us with comprehensive details of the consignee, the funeral director or designated individual receiving the body abroad, who must be reachable at the time of repatriation. Please be aware that certain situations may necessitate additional paperwork, like a Waiver for repatriation to specific destinations such as Nigeria, which you’ll need to procure personally. We’re available to assist you throughout these procedures as needed.

In cases of death overseas with the desire for burial or cremation in the UK, we can offer guidance on repatriation procedures to the best of our ability. For individuals who pass away while traveling, we strongly recommend checking for travel insurance coverage, as most policies include provisions for repatriation expenses. The insurance provider will coordinate with a local funeral director abroad to arrange transportation and prepare for the return flight to the UK. If travel insurance isn’t available or the deceased was residing abroad, you’ll need to coordinate directly with a funeral director in that country for repatriation arrangements. Once the deceased is in our care, we’ll manage the necessary documentation for the funeral proceedings, including liaising with local authorities and translating documents if required. Once all formalities are addressed, the funeral arrangements can proceed as planned.