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When someone dies it is a difficult period. Arranging a funeral can be a stressful time, Marc Stephens Funeral Directors provide the highest quality Funeral services. We will guide you through the process from start to finish ensuring that your loved ones’ funeral is exactly as they would have wished.

When someone dies, there is always a lot to think about from arranging the funeral to dealing with their estate. The deceased may have left instructions for the kind of funeral they want but you may need to arrange the details yourself. Whatever your needs we can guide you through the service and extras that you might need. Here at Marc Stephens Funeral Directors, we spend the quality time needed to get to know your loved one’s life and you to ensure that the funeral is a fitting tribute to them.

A professional funeral director will help ease the stress of organising a funeral for your loved one during your period of grief. Here at Marc Stephens Funeral Directors, we are available 24hrs a day to help you through this process. We will provide advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral and ensure that it is bespoke to your individual loved one’s wishes.

A funeral director is responsible for the planning, timing and managing of all aspects of the funeral process. We will coordinate transport and liaise with the venue on a date suited to you.

We will consult with you on your choice of coffin and any memorials that you may wish to commission. We will also ensure all legalities, paperwork and necessary payments are made to enable the funeral to proceed without issue.

We will also coordinate all the facets of the service including stationery, music and catering if required.